Web Design

I use Squarespace for most websites I design, to allow clients to easily update their own content in the future, and because Squarespace automatically updates security and other features, without you needing to do any technical updates. 

Squarespace websites feature responsive design, meaning they look good on every device, without you needing to do any extra coding or work with templates or style sheets. It's also very easy for you to drop in any sort of content into your website.

I have experience in working with many different Content Management Systems, such as: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX, RedDot and many more.

All new web sites include training in website management. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques are always implemented to allow your site to be easily discoverable by search engines.

More extensive programming and coding for specific purposes is also available.

If you have an exisiting Squarespace website I can assist you with troubleshooting tricky problems. A 3 hour troubleshooting/training session is $120.


Example costs for a simple website:

  • Squarespace hosting costs: approx. $190-$285 per year
  • Your domain (eg. approx. $24 for 2 years
  • Email hosting (eg. approx. $2-$5 per month
  • Web design & training: For most simple websites I charge around $750 (for up to 10 pages, not including online store setup), online stores from $1000. This can vary depending on your specific needs, so email me for a quote.

Social Media 

I can develop your social media presence & teach you how to market your brand on social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

I managed the Apple & Grape Harvest Festival social media accounts for the 2016 Festival, and raised the number of Facebook followers from 2000 to over 7000 in just a few months. Relying mostly on social media for marketing and promotion, the Festival had a record number of visitors for the 2016 event.

I recently helped Helen Ferrier from Mallow Wellbeing promote a Mindfulness day. I designed a promotional image for Facebook that reached 1800 people and resulted in a number of new bookings for the event.

Email Newsletters

I use Mailchimp to develop email newsletter templates for clients that are easy to update and manage. Mailchimp is free for smaller businesses (up to 2000 subscribers).

For example, here is a recent campaign I designed for Mallow Wellbeing.


I can create graphics for your website & social media to help promote your services & events.

Advertising & Marketing

I can create & manage advertising on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, and email newsletters.




Example websites